Healthy Banana Bonanza Bread


Ooey Gooey Banana Goodness

When I first started to “healthy bake”, a lot of my cookies and muffins turned out like rocks.  My avocado, black bean brownies needed peanut butter to taste good.  My chickpea cookie tasted like, well, chickpeas.  But THIS BREAD has always been #1 in my heart.  It tastes like banana bread, but BETTER.  And you feel great about eating it knowing what’s going inside this magnificent nugget of banana goodness.

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Dark Chocolate S’mores Pie that will definitely be on rotation this fall!

Thank God It’s Friday.  You’re almost to happy hour, so sit back, pretend you’re working, and have a spreadsheet open somewhere.  Enjoy these links inspiring me this week from around the web!

If Your Piggy Bank is Full:

  • Two of the best chef knives out there.  I’m in the market for one and these are tried and true.
  • Soup season is upon us! And this dino ladle would make any soup serving experience magical.  Dinosaurs make everything better.
  • A simple, glam phone case.  But the foodie in me secretly wants this ice cream sandwich one.
  • This navy and white gingham shirt would fit perfectly in my closet with other fall necessities.
  • A fantastic fall skirt that can be dressed up or down!

Weekend Eats:

  • Because I know everyone has plans for Labor Day whether it’s a pool party or a date with a good book, these margarita pitchers are a perfect end-of-summer drink.
  • Chocolate + raspberries + zucchini brownies.  Sounds weird.  Tastes awesome.  I’m dying to try to make these!
  • These “everything but the kitchen sink” chorizo and pineapple bowls would be a great dinner.  And great leftovers!
  • Wonton soup is my weakness when it comes to Chinese take-out.  Here’s an at-home version that looks delicious.
  • Mango pico de gallo tastes great with chips, on tacos (especially shrimp or fish!), or with chicken.  Give it a shot this weekend!

Link Love:

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend!  Enjoy the last days of summer.

xo, Maddy


Wednesday Wisdom: Navigating the Grocery Store


Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom!  At the ripe age of 24, I can’t say I have much “wisdom” yet.  Unless it’s about food.   I read enough food blogs for all of us, and I learn quite a lot about sifting and braising, rising and basting!  My new Wednesday posts will give you all some tricks and tips to handling the heat in the kitchen.  In our case this week, I’ll share how I tackle the grocery store and work on eating healthy before I even bring food home!

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Chicken Gyro Pita Pockets


Enjoying tzatziki at an outdoor picnic with my nanny family and 3-week-old manicure.

Taco Tuesday has been officially renamed.  To Tzatziki Tuesday.  I think the “T” in tzatziki might be silent.  We’re just going to go with it.  Because these chicken gyro (“yeer-ohs” according to this handy food pronunciation guide ) are BOMB DIGGITY.  And easy.  They’re the perfect I’m-doing-laundry-for-seven-hours-on-Sunday-so-I-should-just-marinate-something dish.  Okay, I really watched Scandal for 7 hours, but let’s pretend I was productive.

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