Chicken Tortilla Soup

Cilantro So Crisp! Avocado So Creamy!

Cilantro So Crisp! Avocado So Creamy!

Soup season! *GROUP CHEER*  Since tacos are one of my main food groups, it only makes sense to put all the taco toppings into SOUP and call it a day.  I’ve made three Mexican dishes this week and I ain’t even mad about it.  Maybe I’ll mix in some breakfast burritos and I can have Mexican food for every single meal of the week.  Maybe I’ll open up a Mexican restaurant out of my apartment.

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Lightened-Up Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms and Chicken

vscocam-photo-1 (7)

FALL IS HERE!  Salads and smoothies MOVE OVER.  Soups, pasta, and oatmeal COME ON IN! While comfort food is a must during the cold months, there’s always an easy way to up the deliciousness and the health-factor to the max.  This recipe takes a classic – pesto – and adds in some healthy fats with avocado.  Adding lean protein and veggies to the pasta makes this a well rounded dish that’s quick and easy!

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Skinny Pizza Stuffed Peppers

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If there’s one food I could eat for every single meal, it would absolutely be pizza.  Growing up with my dad and brother – who can seriously eat some food – I learned that when I ordered my cheese only Domino’s pizza, it required a “DO NOT EAT” sign on the leftovers.  I’d wake up in the morning and savor my cold, delicious pizza for the second time around.  And maybe even for lunch! So sue me!

Then, sadly, I became aware of the evils of regular pizza eating.  Or maybe it was the beer drinking that usually preceeded the pizza eating.  EITHER WAY.  Don’t get me wrong, I can still throw down a pizza if I had to.  Twist my arm.  But my frequency of indulging in cheesy goodness was becoming a problem.  And I found the solution.  PIZZA PEPPERS.  All the pizza flavor without the pizza guilt!  Not so good for drunchies (“drunk-munchies” for my baby boomers out there), but great for a weeknight!

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Recipe Review: Chipotle Chicken Salad with Warm Cilantro Lime Quinoa

Check out all the fixin's!

Check out all the fixin’s!

I know the title of this recipe is totally a mouthful (haha, punny!).  But I wanted to include all the elements – because each one is as important as the next!  I’ll be the first to tell you, quinoa is weird.  It’s not quite rice, and it’s not couscous.  Why bother, right?  Because! PROTEIN! What quinoa lacks in normal english pronunciations, it makes up for with a big serving of protein in your salad!

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Chicken Gyro Pita Pockets


Enjoying tzatziki at an outdoor picnic with my nanny family and 3-week-old manicure.

Taco Tuesday has been officially renamed.  To Tzatziki Tuesday.  I think the “T” in tzatziki might be silent.  We’re just going to go with it.  Because these chicken gyro (“yeer-ohs” according to this handy food pronunciation guide ) are BOMB DIGGITY.  And easy.  They’re the perfect I’m-doing-laundry-for-seven-hours-on-Sunday-so-I-should-just-marinate-something dish.  Okay, I really watched Scandal for 7 hours, but let’s pretend I was productive.

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Chim-Chimmery Goodness

Truth: Every once in a while, I dream about having fantastic dinner parties.  The kind with figs and goat cheese, beef bourguignon, and molten chocolate cake for dessert.  With bottles of French wine and white tapers and fabulous flowers scattered around the table.

Truth: I don’t have a table in my apartment, making this dream somewhat impossible.  I DO however have Kroger’s finest bottle of $9 wine.  And a candle from Bath and Body Works that, unfortunately, occasionally smells like Abercrombie.  It’s up for debate.

Truth: If I DID have a dinner party.  I’d probably serve this chicken.  It’s fancy Mexican food.  It even has a separately made sauce which instantly makes something fancy.  I probably wouldn’t call it “Chimi-Chicken” on the fancy menus I’d print out.  It’d say something like, “Infusion of Smoked Paprika Blackened Chicken, Nested in a River of Chimichurri.”

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