My new MUMS planted in the blue pots I painted last week!

My new MUMS planted in the blue pots I painted last week!

Thank God It’s Friday. You’re almost to happy hour, so sit back, pretend you’re working, and have a spreadsheet open somewhere. Enjoy these links inspiring me this week from around the web!

I’m on my way to Columbia, MO to visit my little brother at Mizzou for Parent’s Weekend!  Even though it’s an iffy game (vs. UConn) and I’m skeptical about girls wearing dresses to a tailgate as a Michigan alum, I’m beyond excited to see him!

If Your Piggy Bank is Full:

  • After finding this blog about “inspiralizing” – or turning veggies, potatoes, you name it into noodles – I’m jumping at the chance to get my own Paderno inspiralizer with Ali’s Inspiralized cookbook.  Comfort food turned healthy!
  • I told myself I would never do this, but I’m [  this  ] close to buying my own donut pan so I can rival Timmy Horton’s – with a little less guilt and a little more of my own coffee.
  • FALL CLOTHES!  I want this plaid scarf for so many reasons.  Comfortable, cozy, goes with everything…
  • Just bought these brown booties for the fall and I LUURRVEE them.  Check out Sole Society website!  When I visited, I got 20% off, which made these shoes THAT much easier to buy.
  • My mom claims that adult coloring books are the new hot thing for stress-relieving.  I’d go with this ocean animal print version.  Maybe I’ll send it to her as an early…Thanksgiving present?

Weekend Eats:

Link Love:

  • Because I’m a huge fan of thriller novels, this list of 9 page-turners has been bookmarked for some fall reading ideas.
  • While some of these daily habits of highly creative people are a bit overzealous (Yes, Gwyneth, I’d love to sit and eat a croissant every morning, but we all can’t do that.), a lot of them are inspiring.  I love Diane von Furstenberg’s note on “being selfless”.
  • I’m like the whole Disney-classic-to-live-action movement that’s been going on.  The Jungle Book trailer was just released and it looks like one of the best ones yet!
  • NEW FAV BLOG ALERT: Tutti Dolci – for when your cheat day consists of sweet treats and awesome food pictures.  She’s inspiring!

PS: I’m blogging from a plane – which really is the highlight of my morning thus far.

xo, Maddy


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